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Solar One Energy

Feasibility Studies and economic analysis




Maharashtra, India


Evaluate project feasibility and perform in depth economic analysis for developers of two potential solar installations of 15MW and 30MW. Offtaker was the Local Ministry of Power which had issued a RFP to buy solar power for a 20 year PPA.

Project Cost: 

SOE performed this function in exchange for a 10% share of the project costs and with the understanding that SOE would be the project manager with TATA managing construction. The value of that potential equity was $1MM to $2.5MM depending on the number of projects funded.

SOE Responsibility:

  1. Interpret RFP to identify compensation plans and bid requirements.
  2. Evaluate annual power production for each site over a twenty-year term.
  3. Quantify complete cost of land purchase, transaction costs, equipment and construction costs.
  4. Develop timelines for site acquisition and construction, including high voltage transformers and circuits to interconnect  with grid for export.
  5. Assess risk of project including physical economic and foreign exchange rate risk.
  6. Present findings to potential investors on behalf of developer, assist in acquisition of investment.


Paige Steel- NYSERDA RFP


Steel Equities is a major developer of large commercial properties in the New York Metro Area. NYSERDA is the New York Authority that provides incentives for renewable energy projects in New York. NYSERDA offered a complex incentive program that required detailed feasibility studies for the costs and power production for a Steel Equities Property called Paige Steel in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The project required  a complete feasibility analysis of the proposed NYSERDA incentive plan, evaluation of the cost for the equipment and construction, estimation of power production, and make recommendations for system size.


 Project Cost:

SOE performed this function with the understanding that SOE would perform construction and maintenance. The project was 800kW if solar and the price was $2.6MM.

SOE Responsibility:

  1. Interpret RFP to identify compensation plans and bid requirements.
  2. Evaluate annual power production for a 20 year term.
  3. Develop 20 year financial pro-forma for Steel Equity (client).
  4. Review and refine financials and risks with Steel Equities VP finance.
  5. Negotiate with Steel Equity tenant (Time Warner Cable) to accept 20 Year PPA with Steel Equity to purchase power output from Solar System.
  6. Complete response to NYSERDA RFP.
  7. Perform engineering, procurement, and construction.
  8. Manage maintenance and monitoring systems for billing to tenant.