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Solar One Energy Advantage:

Incentives & Permits

Solar PV projects must pass numerous inspections, and are reviewed by various Authorities Having Jurisdiction, including utility companies, planning and building departments, and field inspection agencies. PV projects must be engineered in accordance with several building codes and regulations. Solar One Energy has expertise in NYSERDA and LIPA PV project requirements, and is approved to file all rebate paperwork. We also file NYC Property Tax Abatement paperwork and manage all technical paperwork In-House. We do not sub-contract any part of the project cycle, providing full accountability and a high level of quality control throughout the installation.


Solar One Energy manages all technical and financial paperwork In-House:

  • Drawings and documentation
  • Single/three-line electrical drawings
  • Shading analysis
  • PV array layout drawings
  • Grounding plans/drawings
  • Array mounting structure drawings
  • PE Stamped Filing with NYC Planning, including FDNY Code
  • Structural Roof Analysis
  • Inverter selection and layout plan
  • Utility interface drawings for low voltage and medium voltage
  • Management of LIPA Rebate paperwork, NYSERDA, and NYC Property Tax Abatement paperwork
  • Managing and implementing the grid-connection application process
  • Wire lists
  • Bill of materials
  • Performance simulations using PVWatts providing bankable estimates of energy production
  • Data acquisition systems design and interfaces for monitoring services
  • Monitoring of production and reporting on operations are performed semi-annually; quarterly for year one