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Solar One Energy Advantage:

Comprehensive Solar Financial Analysis

Solar energy systems are designed to suit a customer's needs on an annual basis. If you produce too much energy, the utility company pays very little back on the over-production, and therefore you will struggle to offset the cost of the system. If you put in a system that is too small, you lose out on savings and the opportunity to take advantage of the rebates and incentives available. The system has to be sized correctly the first time to fully benefit from the utility rebates and tax incentives available only once for any building.


Solar One Energy analyzes your electric bills month by month, providing an accurate analysis of your expenditure. We deliver a summary of actual usage and costs showing the impact of solar on your usage profile, while also factoring in extra charges and taxes applied by LIPA and Con Ed. We use actual seasonal charges observed by the utility companies to estimate your monthly electricity costs and savings with solar energy. Importantly, the high production months for solar production coincide with the most expensive season for electric costs per kilowatt/hour - the summer.


Solar One Energy also delivers a full financial analysis of the savings generated by your solar power plant, including payback periods and annual cash flows, as well as a breakdown of government and utility rebates, tax credits, and depreciation. Our financial analysis ensures the fastest return on your investment.