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Financing with Solar One Energy

Capital Lease

Solar One Energy can arrange a capital lease with one of our financing partners. Terms are typically 60 to 84 months at a 7% interest rate. Solar One Energy is able to accept the Utility Rebate to help lower the initial lease amount. Your company is also able to take advantage of available tax incentives, and will fully own the system at the end of the leasing term.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Solar One Energy arranges for a third party investor to buy and finance the installation of the customer's solar energy project. In return, the electricity output is sold back to the customer at a pre-agreed price. PPA's eliminate initial capital outlay, remove the risk for owning and operating a system, allow customers to scale their systems as needed to offset some or all of their power needs, and lock in a discounted rate. As utility rates rise, the customer locks in their rate of savings. The customer is able to buy out the solar PV system at the end of the term, typically 20 years. Solar One Energy manages the project design and engineering, installation, monitoring, and maintenance of the customer's solar energy system.