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Solar One Energy Advantage:

Solar Array Design & Engineering

Many components go into the design of a successful solar energy system. Solar One Energy delivers highly efficient power generating systems based on great design, quality work, and state-of-the-art materials.


Solar One Energy uses superior products and innovative design layouts to maximize your savings. For example, Solar One Energy uses panels with a positive power variance - this means the panel power output won't degrade in the summer heat, which is when you want the most power. Our mounting systems have an elevated design, which keeps them cooler, and allows snow, leaves, and other objects to settle below the panels, protecting their energy production. Our racking does not require roof penetration and allows for easy maintenance access - panels can be lifted up for drain cleaning without disconnecting them from the racking.


Some firms are captive to certain brands and only offer the most convenient design option, providing you with limited choice. Solar One Energy provides a variety of design options and additional features to match varying budgets. From traditional rooftop installations to solar carports, ground mount, and canopies, our experienced solar designers can customize creative solutions for your solar energy project, based on the needs and goals of your company. We stay up to date with current technology and the latest prices, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.