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Solar One Energy Advantage:

Monitoring & Maintenance

Our optional solar PV reporting systems are a great marketing tool. Each system features a customizable display that includes your company's name and logo, a weather station, and detailed charts on your energy system's production. The system is designed to alert Solar One Energy if there is a system failure or an issue that requires attention. The system is capable of detecting both complete system issues and individual panel problems.


Our optional Smart Combiner Box option enables us to have remote string level monitoring and performance tracking. This allows us to quickly identify where the problem is among hundreds of panels, arrays and sub-arrays, and to fix the problem so production can continue with minimum downtime. Speed problem notifications with detailed string level performance issues are e-mailed to you and Solar One Energy.


The solar PV panels we install are warranted to produce 80% of their factory-rated power 25 years after installation. Inverters also come with factory warranties and workmanship warranties are provided by Solar One Energy.