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Full-Service Commercial Solar Energy Solutions


Solar One Energy is a Full-Service Provider focused on delivering large-scale commercial solar energy systems to commercial buildings and large multi-family facilities in the Long Island/New York City metro area. Solar One Energy acts as a complete developer with financing capabilities, performing all work In-House to ensure a high level of quality control.

Solar One Energy Certifications & Licensing

  • NABCEP Certified PV Installer (Certification Number 032611-30)
  • NYSERDA Certified Solar Installers (Installer Number 4306)
  • Certified LIPA Solar Installer
  • NYC Licensed Master Electricians 40 hour PV Training: SUNY Farmingdale PV Installer Course
  • Approved to manage rebate paperwork



Why Solar One Energy?

Commercial focus

Solar One Energy is unique because of our dedication to the needs and goals of businesses in the Long Island/New York City metro area. Our exclusive focus on commercial renewable energy solutions means that we are in tune with the changing incentives and financing models in a rapidly evolving solar industry. We use the latest cutting edge technology to enable the most innovative and effective design solutions for our clients.

Flat roof experts

Solar One Energy's clear focus on commercial renewable energy solutions comes with an expertise unique to the needs of businesses. Our installers are experts with flat roofs, using racking technology that does not require roof penetrations. All work is carried out in line with the NYFD regulations for flat roof solar installations.

Flexible financing

Solar One Energy offers freedom and flexibility when recommending design options for your commercial solar energy system. Whether your company wants to maximize savings, attract local attention, or shave expenses while staying within a particular budget, Solar One Energy has the knowledge and experience to design the solar energy system that is the right fit for your company. We are committed to making your experience with solar energy a positive one.